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Mount Etna the great mountain that dominates Catania and its territory, It is the highest volcano in Europe. It can be said that it’s constantly in activity and at the moment in which we write these short notes (October 2004) an incandescent stream of lava can be observed at night flowing down the east side. During the winter it is covered with snow and numerous Catanesi go to ski on the slopes of the volcano, facilitated by the numerous ski lifts.


Wreath of smoke seen from Catania


satellie view

    Considering the temperate climate of the island and the short distance to the sea, after skiing, a unique rare opportunity, you may go to the Cyclops Riviera to bathe. For the charm that it emanates “The Mountain” is a regular attraction for tourists and enthusiasts.


Lava discharge during a recent eruption


Etna snow capped


The lunar landscape, the incomparable panorama, numerous shelters, ski lifts, & cross-country vehicles all favour excursions with the assistance of authorized guides.


    "The village of Trecastagni is
    the ideal starting point that
    will let you savour the
    beauties of the eastern sicily

Ralph Giordano


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