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    Etna -  wintertime

  Saint and Martyrs Alfio Filadelfo and Cirino Sanctuary
The sanctuary is situated in Piazza S. Alfio .
The building is associated to the worship of the three saint brothers , who are believed to have stopped in Trecastagni for a while. It is a meeting point for pilgrims coming from different parts of Sicily . A great celebration takes place every year on the 10th May

          Del Bianco Church  and view of Trecastagni
Del Bianco Church seen from the Conservatorio delle Vergini  (Virgins’ Conservatoire) and view of Trecastagni. The church was built in the 14th century in the old centre of the village. At its entrance it preserves an ancient  doorway in grey volcanic stone, part of the old mother church.

                   Sant’Antonio da Padova’s Church
The church was commissioned by Scipione II Di Giovanni Prince of Trecastagni.It was the church of Sant’Antonio’s Franciscan Monastery.It is rich in valuable wooden altars.
The church also houses a small museum of sacred arts.

                   Mother Church San Nicolo’
Facade of the mother  church, dedicated to St. Nicolo’ from Bari .The church, was first built in the Middle Ages. Tanks to its panoramic position it dominates the surrounding buildings and natural landscape.

                     Piazza Marconi and fountain
The square is the heart of Trecastagni. It has valuable volcanic stone paving and is ornate with beautiful plants. Local people consider it as if were their own garden.

                     S. Emilia Hermitage
It is an old building decorated with volcanic stone and protected with canons. It is situated in contrada “Grotta comune” , along the road leading to Mount Etna .

                                Fortification windmill
This round tower was originally fortification, it was built on the hill overlooking the town. Later it was transformed into a windmill.From one side of its square you can admire the sea and from the other side you  can enjoy a wonderful view of Mount Etna.

    Museum cloister .former Franciscan Monastery
Today the former Franciscan Monastery houses a museum.It was founded in 1660 by the Princes Di Giovanni.It has picturesque cloister surrounded  by magnificient pillars with and grandiose volcanic stone cistern in the middle. 

 Ex-Voto Museum
In the Saint and Martyrs Alfio Filadelfo and Cirino Sanctuary, there is a exibiton  of picture and other devotional things .


                       San Nicolò s stairway
The mother church is dedicated to Saint Nicolò from Bari , patron saint of Trecastagni. Its beautiful volcanic stone stairway is dominated by the façade of the church. San Nicolò’s stairway leads down to via Vittorio Emanuele .



  "The village of Trecastagni is
    the ideal starting point that
    will let you savour the
    beauties of the eastern sicily

Ralph Giordano


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