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Ragusa  Scicli

Of great historical, architectural and gastronomic importance is the district that encloses Ragusa Ibla, Modica,
and Scicli.
The first is an ancient city that was inhabited by Siculi, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, and Normans
under whose domination was made a county.


Ragusa Ibla - studio Grifasi




Mother Church Scicli

Destroyed by the earthquake in 1693 it was rebuilt in two different places called Ibla & Ragusa.
In the first, excellent monuments are to be found like the Church of S. George designed by Rosario Gagliardi.
It is one of the most splendid Sicilian baroque churches of the 17th C.; of equal interest also are Pola Square,
The Chancellery, the Church of S. Francis, and the portal of S. George. 
The Ibleo Garden situated in a panoramic area within which are located three beautiful churches with excellent
 frescoes. The two cities were unified in the 1920ís when they were definitively named Ragusa and it became
 capital of the province.


San Georges church- Ragusa Ibla

San Peter Church - Ragusa Ibla  

A few kilometres away is Scicli also a Greek colony and therefore Byzantine, Arab, Norman and so forth.
Of particular artistic importance are the churches S. Bartholomew, the Mother Church, and the church of
S. Maria la Nuova that preserves a statue by Gagini..

Nearest turistic

Feste patronali e Folklore



Piazza Armerina

     Taormina Riviera dei ciclopi
Acireale Siracusa
Ragusa ibla Modica - Scicli     Noto


    "The village of Trecastagni is
    the ideal starting point that
    will let you savour the
    beauties of the eastern sicily

Ralph Giordano


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