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The Cyclops Riviera is that stretch of the coast that begins at the small seafaring village of
S. Maria la Scala
along the coast to Ognina, another small fisherman’s port situated at
the entrance of Catania. S. Maria la Scala is a small fishing and seaside resort, very
characteristic are its seventeenth century church and the restaurants overlooking the
small port, where exquisite fish dishes are served prepared with the freshly caught fish
of the area, and also the renowned almond and lemon granite. At S. Maria la Scala on
 the 8th of September for the feast of the Madonna a colourful regatta is held between
 fisherman’s boats.

Acicastello's castle

Santa maria la scala. Boats before the ragata 

Continuing along the coast we pass the “Timpa” a steep highly protected coastline with
its striking Mediterranean vegetation and low shrubs, which is very characteristic of this
marine zone. In this area the sea is always cool even in the summer due to the presence
of numerous underground springs. We then arrive at Capomulini with its tip marked with
a beacon, and right after is Acitrezza a village close to Acicastello particularly famous
for the saga “Malavoglia”, the famous literary work written by Giovanni Verga and set
 in Acitrezza. Acitrezza is the centre of a “Literary Park” dedicated to this author, and is also
 the location where Luchino Visconti shot the film “The Earth Trembles” in the 1950’s, made
with local actors taken from the townspeople.

Acitrezza in una veduta degli anni '50


Opposite the port of Acitrezza is the small island “Lachea” and the “Faraglioni” a marvellous
spectacle of lava rock arising from the sea that legend says were the rocks that Polyphemus threw
at Ulysses, this stretch of the coast is quite rightly a protected natural reserve. Proceeding we pass
 the “Lido dei Ciclopi” a renowned seaside bathing establishment surrounded by a splendid garden
 with exotic plants, the coast continues onwards towards “Acicastello” known especially for the
monumental castle built on an elevated spur of rock, it’s possession has been disputed since ancient
times between Arabs, Angioini, Aragons, etc, following is a stretch of the coast in front of the reef with
 characteristic grottoes in which the sea has an incredible blue-green colour, and finally we arrive at
Ognina originally an ancient fisherman’s village with it’s small port and the art nouveau villas facing the
 sea, is now totally absorbedin the fabric of the city of Catania.

Acitrezza in 50's


What makes this Riviera particular? Well, the reef that is constituted of enormous masses of
jagged black lava rock, openly contrasting with the blue of the sea; the marine flora that seems
to find this habitat the ideal location that makes it inimitable in consistency, colour and flavour,
well yes, even flavour because in this alga there is much that is comestible and highly sought-after,
and to speak of taste we must say that the fish is different. We don’t want to make a speech inspired
 by parochialism, but we are not the only ones to say it; maybe its the lava stone seabed or the particular
marine flora, but here the flavour of the fish is like that of the sea.

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Piazza Armerina

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Acireale Siracusa
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    "The village of Trecastagni is
    the ideal starting point that
    will let you savour the
    beauties of the eastern sicily

Ralph Giordano


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