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The city of Syracuse in a splendid position in the E part of the Sicilian coast, stretches out over the sea with the island of Ortigia, where the maior testimonies of its glorious past areto be found. Ortigia is connected by bridge to the mainland, where the modern 




Panorama del porticciolo



Un momento delle rappresentazioni

To visit: The greek theatre and the latomie The theatre, one of the most splendid of its kind, played an extremely important role in the city's cultural life.The cavea is one of the largest in the Greek world :67 rows, divided into 9 section with 8 aisles for access to the seats. 




Teatro greco


The latomie great stone quarries known since time immemorial and one of Syracuse's most characteristic features Accord-ing to Thucydides, they were also used as a prison .  Orecchio di Dioniso (ear of Dionysius) with its pointed vaulted roof. Nearby is the Grotta dei Cordari (Rope-makers' Cave), so called because of the trade that used to be carried out here. 
Archeological Museum dedicated to Paolo Orsi, the great archaelogist who worked for years in Syracuse. 
See the Cathedral church that was the temple of Athene.   Fountains of Arethusa, planted with papyrus. Legend has it that the nymph Arethusa was transformed by Artemis into a river in order to escape the passion of Alpheus. From the Fountainof Arethusa, we go along the promenade by the sea.    





Orecchio di dionisio e le altre latomie













Nearest turistic

Feste patronali e Folklore



Piazza Armerina

     Taormina Riviera dei ciclopi
Acireale Siracusa
Ragusa ibla Modica - Scicli    Noto

    "The village of Trecastagni is
    the ideal starting point that
    will let you savour the
    beauties of the eastern sicily

Ralph Giordano


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