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(Where our Bed & Breakfast is located)
Within the boundaries of the Park of Etna, situated at an altitude of circa 600 meters.

The town began to form in 1400; the King of Spain Philip IV later sold it in 1641 to Prince Di Giovanni, then through family descent to Anna Maria IV who was nominated Princess of Trecastagni. Following her marriage to Prince Alliata of Villafranca the town passed under the dominium of the Prince’s family. The town’s territory is situated on the south east side of the volcano, and the slight downward slope of the hill not only offers a favourable panoramic profile, but above all climatic and agricultural. The prevailing cultures are the vineyards and chestnut groves. The extensive presence of which has considerably favoured the development of the wood manufacturing activities in the town. The viticulture, in the past decades has been tormented by the crisis of the wine market, but it has now recovered with the revaluation of wine and in particular Sicilian wine

Chiesa di S. Antonio

Chiesa Madre. Portale in pietra lavica

In fact, the wine of Etna may proudly show the denomination DOC and is especially appreciated by connoisseurs. It’s not by chance that on this side of Mt. Etna long established and also new wine bottling establishments are present issuing excellent quality wines from their cellars. An important point to mention also is that a famous personality of the international music world, Mick Hucknall of “Simply Red” has purchased a vineyard in the Etna territory and has decided to produce Sicilian wine under the label “The Singer”. The town has approximately 8000 inhabitants. The historical centre has been practically unharmed by the building boom. There are numerous outstanding monuments of considerable quality, like the Chiesa Madre, The Chiesa del Bianco, and the Purgatory as well as the Prince’s Palace. Some 16th & 17th C. “Palazotti” and some beautiful manor houses. Particularly important is the Chiesa Madre situated on a high viewpoint that is reached by a picturesque flight of steps, it is dedicated to S. Nicola of Bari, was built in 1400 and was decreed the privilege of Parish Council and Parish in 1667.

Santuario chiesa S.Alfio

Quadro del museo ex voto

Lava stone from M. Etna is the most widely used material used to adorn this temple on both the interior and exterior. In fact massive lava stone pillars sustain the three naves, as are also the arches that lead to the central apse, this attributes the church an air of sobriety and austerity. Important also is the church of saints Alfio, Filadelfo, and Cirino. Building of the church began in the second half of the 16th C. and was completed at the end of the 18th C. and is a Sanctuary since 1928. In a room on the inside of the church hundreds of painted votive panels may be seen dating back to the early 19th C. representing scenes that describe a miracle. These are small naïf paintings that represent the patrimony and culture of popular devotion. In the vicinity of the Sanctuary but practically all over the town the feast in honour of the three saints is celebrated in May every year, lasting almost all the month. This significant folkloristic event attracts thousands of visitors to Trecastagni (see Folklore). Worth mention is the Church of S. Anthony with its excellent wooden altar, adjacent convent, and cloister. Now to conclude a note about the climate: On the hill the winters are very mild with days that do not require heavy clothing, spring and autumn are mild or even very warm, which is ideal for excursions, for walks in the neighbourhood or even trips to the coast for bathing. In the summer the long days are decisively very warm, and ideal for trips to the seaside, or for just laying on the grass in the shade of the vast chestnut groves in the area. Fresh and peaceful nights are guaranteed thanks to the thermal excursion that characterizes all of the Etna area.

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